Projects For Purpose

We’re continuously thankful for the hard work our local nonprofit organizations put toward making our communities & our lives richer in Beaufort County.

Instead of doing small pro bono projects for nonprofits when asked — PickleJuice Productions decided to try something new and focus our attention on the needs of ONE local nonprofit organization for one year. We’ve always tried to do our part to help our local nonprofits pursue their missions more effectively. In the past, this assistance often began with a request from a nonprofit organization. They needed a logo, a poster, a website, a t-shirt design or banners for an event and we delivered a solution. More often than not, nonprofits are forced to prioritize operational & program costs, therefore neglecting important investments in their creative & marketing communications. 

In 2016, we developed an opportunity to meet bigger goals by donating our creativity and services to one nonprofit organization – in an attempt to improve their Visual Identity, Brand Strategy & Marketing Communications for one full year. So far to date we have worked with the following local organizations:


At this moment we are not taking any new applications until the current project is completed. Thank you!